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Sheathes and pouches

We create knives, holsters and hunting accessories to order. Our knives and axes are hand-forged from carbon steel. For handles we use natural materials like horn, bone or a wide range of types of wood.

All our leather items are hand-stitched. We use leather tanned with plant extracts. Some of the items are impregnated with beeswax which makes them waterproof.

We accept custom orders.

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Hedgehog style sheath for Ka-bar knife
Hedgehog style sheath for Ka-bar knife made from vegetable tanned leather, hand stitched. The sheath is provided with large pocket for starting fire accessories, two loops for hanging the knife in horizontal position on the belt and leather loop for fire steel. 
Sheath for "Mora Craftline" knife
Custom sheath for "Mora Craftline" knife. Made from heavy duty leather, interior is waterproofed with resin, drain hole in tip of sheath. Has a flint striker in pocket attachments. Press studded belt strap for easy attachment to self. Matching red and black knife handle and sheath.  
Sheath for „Bowie Buck Special” knife
Custom leather sheath for a „Bowie Buck Special” knife. Made of 4mm yuft, waxed, hand-stitched. The inside is reinforced with epoxy resin. Has the option of mounting the knife in 6 positions on a belt.  
Machete sheath
Custom, big leather sheath for a machete, made of glued leather, hand-stitched and reinforced with rivets, with the option of attaching to a belt. The clasp has a joint to ease sitting and moving with a machete attached to a belt.
Pouch 'pancakes' style
Leather pouch - "pancakes" style, made of 1.5mm yuft, waxed, dyed and hand-stitched, with the option of attaching to a belt. Made to order.
Small knife pouch
Custom small leather pouch for a pocket knife, made of 1.5mm yuft, waxed and hand-stitched.  
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