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Tomahawks and axes

We create knives, holsters and hunting accessories to order. Our knives and axes are hand-forged from carbon steel. For handles we use natural materials like horn, bone or a wide range of types of wood.

All our leather items are hand-stitched. We use leather tanned with plant extracts. Some of the items are impregnated with beeswax which makes them waterproof.

We accept custom orders.

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Frontier and tomahawk set
Frontier Full tang knife made of NC6 carbon steel, handle made of american walnut and fastened with 3 pipe rivetes, decorated with little brass studs. Sheath is made of waxed leather with leather core, hand-stitched, with brass fittings and a hook. Blade length 170mm, overall length 285mm. Tomahawk This hawk has a head forged from HF50 steel, mirror polished. The head is 200mm fro
Battle-axe, Podhorce, Lvov distr.
This battle axe is based on find from 'the great identical grave No. 2', Podhorce, Lvov distr., dated 10th cent. The axe has a head forged from old iron and steel (cutting edge). The head is 130mm from end-to-end with a 45mm cutting edge and inlaid with copper on both sides. The 500mm shaft is made of flame blackened oak and provided with wrist loop.  
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