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Tomahawks and axes

We create knives, holsters and hunting accessories to order. Our knives and axes are hand-forged from carbon steel. For handles we use natural materials like horn, bone or a wide range of types of wood.

All our leather items are hand-stitched. We use leather tanned with plant extracts. Some of the items are impregnated with beeswax which makes them waterproof.

We accept custom orders.

Important information for purchasing Knives, Seax or Axes within the UK:
We will not sell a knife, seax or axe to anyone under the age of 18.
Before purchasing we will ask you to send us proof of your date of birth by email. This can be in the form of a copy of your passport, ID card or driving licence.
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Frontier and tomahawk set
Frontier Full tang knife made of NC6 carbon steel, handle made of american walnut and fastened with 3 pipe rivetes, decorated with little brass studs. Sheath is made of waxed leather with leather core, hand-stitched, with brass fittings and a hook. Blade length 170mm, overall length 285mm. Tomahawk This hawk has a head forged from HF50 steel, mirror polished. The head is 200mm fro
Battle-axe, Podhorce, Lvov distr.
This battle axe is based on find from 'the great identical grave No. 2', Podhorce, Lvov distr., dated 10th cent. The axe has a head forged from old iron and steel (cutting edge). The head is 130mm from end-to-end with a 45mm cutting edge and inlaid with copper on both sides. The 500mm shaft is made of flame blackened oak and provided with wrist loop.  
Friction folder
Axe mask
Bushcraft knife
Kitchen knife
Commando dagger
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